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"Per Sempre" is a modern collection, where tailoring is combined with continuous research. Precious fabrics and embroideries, personally chosen by the designer and handmade, speak to us of an elegant, refined but above all always new bride thanks to the chameleon-like characteristics of each dress. The outfit consists of several elements that mix, blend, alternate or subtract at different times of the day: over skirts, belts, bodysuits, shrugs, tails with the bride to surprise and excite all day. Dreamer and romantic, but at the same time aware and pragmatic, Enzo Miccio's bride confirms herself to be a confident woman and perfectly at ease with a dress whose main mission is to enhance and enhance her beauty. The 2021 bridal collection by Enzo Miccio is 100% Made in Italy and is made using precious fabrics such as mikado, organza and chiffon, adorned with embroidery and applications, handcrafted, which speak of tailoring and Haute Couture. The color palette chosen is an ode to white and off white with some unexpected touches of nude and pale peach.


Quintessentially talks about women and women; independent and free women who, for their marriage, want a dress that speaks about them and their peculiarities. The Enzo Miccio's Bride is a conscious and pragmatic woman but, at the same time, a dreamer and romantic. Mikado, organza and chiffon the fabrics chosen by the designer; fabrics that speak of Made in Italy, tailoring and Haute Couture. Precious embroideries and applications adorn the clothes and the body, which from accessories become real essential elements. The color palette chosen is an ode to white with some unexpected touch of pink in all its shades.


Elisir is the perfect set of two distinct but complementary souls: the first resolute, pragmatic, the other dreamy and romantic. The dualism of the collection is evident in the choice of fabrics and silhouettes.

Enzo Miccio has imagined a bride who, almost like a gem, manages to enchant everyone as he passes by.


Icons is a real hymn to femininity in all its forms; a gentle, elegant feminine that blends well with the unmistakable style of the designer.
The essence of this collection is, however, unique, unique as well as the women who inspired it: Grace Kelly, Rita Hayworth and Marlene Dietrich.


L'Oro di Napoli is inspired by Naples, its enchantment, its rich history of charm and legend. In every creation there is the uniqueness of the Parthenopean tailoring, the "Neapolitan style" known throughout the world.


Le Jardin Suspendu is inspired by the soft, enveloping nature, ready to give a brilliantly refined elegance to whispered elegance.
Delicate peach flowers slip lightly on the organza, sinuous ramages intertwine on the silhouette evoking gardens and views in a sought-after balance between sobriety and splendor, linearity and purity.


A collection of exclusive models made of precious materials.
Matt satin, silk mixed with Valenciennes lace.
The handmade embroidery makes each model a unique and special piece,
designed to make the dream of every bride who wants to feel like
a contemporary princess.